About Rivals

“It’s all or nothing tonight!”

Rivals hits the stage at full throttle, the band and our maniacal front man (think Iggy Pop meets James Brown) hijacking the crowd with a sound and energy that cannot be ignored. The song Corvallis, from which the previous lyric is taken, tells the story of Rivals touring through a new town, taking the stage as unknowns, and connecting with every last person in the room...essentially welcoming them all into the Rivals family.

That’s the spirit of our band. We believe in putting on the most energetic live show possible and working hard to make that connection, even if it means our drummer has to play with a broken back (true).

Unlike many of today’s heavy bands, Rivals’ blend of punk, rock and roll, and metal delivers a positive outlook that screams “don’t just whine about it…let’s start a revolution!” We’ve built a support system through passion and honesty, giving each fan their money's worth at least, and a new favorite band at best. As a result, many of our fans have become close friends over the years.

Rivals’ reputation is based not only on our live show, but also on our work ethic. Since our first show in 2001, we’ve played hundreds of shows, self-released six records, sold thousands of CDs, designed and sold our own merchandise, and have toured the Pacific Northwest several times. (Our first show was February 23, 2001 @ The Gaslighter (Now 9 Lives) in Gilroy, CA)

We’ve been fortunate enough to share the stage with rock legends such as The Misfits, Prong, Papa Wheelie (Featuring Jason Newsted ex-Metallica/Voivod/Ozzy), The Dickies, TSOL, and Drunk Injuns, and be invited to play the Bay Area's finest rock venues and other notable clubs such as LA’s Viper Room and the Hard Rock Café in Denver.

In 2011, we were a finalist in Live105 and Cabo Wabo Tequila's "Your Shot To Rock" local band contest. We placed in the top 5 out of over 200 bands. We ended the year with the release of our full length album "We Live Electric".

We’re also dedicated activists and organize shows for important causes which have included cancer research, the American Red Cross, Toys for Tots, voter registration and fund raisers to save local venues.

Rivals' mission is to build a community of people who enjoy honest, socially-conscious music, and believe that together, we can make positive change in the world.

Rivals is:

  • Zack Alves - Guitar

  • Matt Reed - Vocals

  • Jim Azevedo - Drums

  • Tom Jordan - Bass

Band info:

  • Formed: 2001

  • Hometown: San Jose, CA

  • Discography:

    • We Live Electric (2011)

    • Back To Finish What We Started (2006)

    • What We Fight For / Corvallis (2005)

    • A Second Chance At Retribution (2004)

    • Awakening (2002)

    • A Demonstration (2001)

Rivals online: