Show blog: 9 Lives, Gilroy, 7/22/11

Congratulations to the South County Derby Girls on their successful fundraiser. They put on a great show – they had raffles, pin up contests, did a skate demo and were just an awesome group of ladies. It was a packed house, and we were totally honored to have helped make their special night even better. Support the Girls: They have a scrimmage game vs. Hollister on August 20th at Gilroy High school. Check it out:

As for us, Matt and I both noticed that there were quite a few people at the show that hadn’t seen us in a very long time. I heard a few times, “man, I haven’t seen you guys since 2005″, and “The last show I saw you with was when you were releasing ‘Awakening’ (2002).” It’s awesome that some people have stuck with us, and still believe in us after all these years. We realize that it gets harder to come to shows as people get older and have more responsibilities, but it makes our night when we see a friend from the past.

9 Lives (venue) was a class act as usual. Props to our friend Jorge for running the place like a true professional. Gilroy has needed a good venue forever, and 9 lives is killing it. The one bummer is that they don’t allow moshing…but we totally understand the liabilities. We will have to find a middle ground when we do our Halloween show. Matt is usually good at policing the crowd.

Our set went pretty good. It took some of the crowd a few songs to warm up, but as usual, we kept turning up the heat and got it moving. During the song “We Live Electric” we had the whole floor dancing and sweatin’… that song (off our new album) is really working out as a closer. We first closed with it at the Live105 contest show in SF and did it again last week at Johnny V’s. Both times, it got the crowd into a frenzy. Matt splits the floor in half or creates a big dance hole and we just repeat the groove while people show off their best dance moves… I’m not sure if that is what people expect from a punk band, but it’s been crazy fun… In the future, Tom wants to buy a bunch of shakers to throw into the crowd while we do the “dance off” bit… sounds like a plan.

Our new set is 13 songs and it has gotten pretty damn physical… I sweat all over my guitar last week at Johnny V’s, and forgot to change my strings today… as a result, I busted my “A” string mid-set tonight… Recovered okay, but I totally learned my lesson. I thought Matt, Tom and Jim sounded great.

Excited to return to 9 Lives on Oct 29 when we do our 10th Halloween show. We’re totally focused on that show, and putting out our new record. Very soon my friends… very soon…

Well, it’s almost 3am and I’m one sweaty and tired guitarist… see you in August for Matt’s Bday show!

Much love,



  1. Problems and Solutions
  2. Brick By Brick
  3. A Song No One Wants To Hear
  4. Lovers And Losers
  5. Modern Man
  6. Common Thread
  7. ‘Cause It’s You
  8. 88 MPH
  9. Greedy Hands
  10. Chuck Yeager
  11. The Endless Quest To Be  Cool
  12. Auspicious Occasion
  13. We Live Electric