Halloween 2011 Set List

Our 10th Annual Rock and Roll Halloween and Album Release was a success, and man, we couldn’t be happier. Here’s our set list from last weekend:

1. Problems and Solutions
2. Brick by Brick
3. Greedy Hands
4. All I Ever Wanted Was The Truth (First time played in 3 years)
5. Modern Man
6. Lovers and Losers
7. Wayside (First time played live)
8. Common Thread
9. Cause It’s You
10. A Second Chance at Retribution (First time played in 5 years)
11. Osmosis (First time played in 6 years)
12. Chuck Yeager
13. We Live Electric
14. Crutch

Plenty of stories to share coming out of our Halloween show and Album release… more to come…

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